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    I am the inventor of Pillow Taught, the first relationship teaching pillow. Invecom is excited about our first invention and how it is already impacting relationships. How awesome is it to see an idea come into reality. Click know more to know more. We are creating happy everywhere and you deserve happy

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    I am the inventor of AMITIES, friendship ties. Our unique tie design will help bring in financial assistance to veterans and senior citizens. Find out more by clicking know more

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    I have invented a bling slipper that's like nothing you've ever seen. It will be out next year. Follow Invecom to keep up with our progress

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    We have an app that is being created to help others. We can't share a lot of information because we must get it patent. This idea is so creative, intricate and powerful that we will truly be inventing a better future

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    We now have a new book design that we will be launching in the future. It is not an eBook but a new design. Come back and visit Invecom for updates

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Invecom Welcomes PIllow Taught (name was changed)


Inventing A Bright Future

Invecom is a company committed to investing in the future. It means inventing company. Now please don't get us confused with companies that are assisting people create their products, we are not that. Invecom is a company that is concerned that multitudes and multitudes of people have inventions but don't have the financial support to take their invention to a manufacturer. We are committed to continuously raising money to see inventor's dreams come true, however Invecom does not take on the full financial responsibility of an inventor's invention. We will partner with you through advice, coaching, investing and/or donations. We will provide you with information on how you can raise money for your invention and if Invecom agrees we will consider financial assistance. However, you must be committed to following through various processes do get the work done. We are not here to invention your invention but to help you through the process.


COMFY BEAR, is our most current invention that we are working on. We are excited that we are at the manufacturing stage. We have partnered with Spectrum Custom Molds and Manufacturing, Inc. They are amazing and have laid out all our options. This amazing company does manufacturing, boxing, mailing, everything in one location. They are even set to fill your orders as they come in. I was so impressed with the company that we are all set to manufacture with them. We have our quotes in hand and are actively raising funds to accomplish our first invention. We are excited and we invite you to join us on our journey to invent to brighten the future.

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You can help an inventors by giving any size donation. No amount is too large or small. All donations over $200 please contact us discuss your benefits.


We have recently published our first eBook with others coming. We will create multiple eBooks to help raise money for inventors. We are


We will be having several donor events to raise money for our inventions. We are excited that you can attend either in person or via social media

eBook – Shop With A Purpose



We are currently looking into creating fun fundraisers to raise money to help invent a brighter future. We ask that you join us in the fun.


We have created a Shop page so you can shop with a purpose. Whether you purchase an eBooks, or one of our new invention or an item we are promoting, you will be helping an inventor.


We are also raising money through ads. We have partnered with a company to run ads on our site, so the more you visit, the more you will be partnering with us to help invent a brighter future.