Our new necktie design is called AMITIES, ami-ties means friendship. AMI means friend, beloved, kinsman TIES. Our new tie design is like nothing you have ever seen. It is design to help veterans and senior citizens. When you see someone wearing our unique designer ties you’ll know that they are apart of a brotherhood to help others. Each tie we design is created to help veteran and senior struggling to live in today’s society.  Many of them can’t afford food, and/or the necessities of life.

AMITIES is not just a tie, it is a commitment to help others. Can you imagine that your contribution helping those that have dedicated their lives to helping their families, helping others, helping to maintain our freedom in America. We at Invecom is committed to ensuring this design is accomplished with purpose.

Every time you shop in our store, purchase an eBook, participate in one of our fundraisers or contribute, you’ll be helping us to success to help those in need. Will you consider shopping with a purpose and/or contributing knowing that your dollars are being invested wisely.

Shop with us at: and allow your contributions to go further than you could every imagine.

Thank you,


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