Most couples will celebrate anniversaries, first kiss, first date, valentine’s day, national spouse day, etc. but there is one day I have never heard a couple celebrate. Can you think of an occasion or day that you and your spouse can celebrate but don’t?

Well, here’s a suggestion that most couples have never heard of before and that’s celebrating your oneness. Two people joining in marriage to become one is a major achievement. Your commitment, your efforts, your patience and understanding should be celebrated.

How many times during the year did you have to stop talking? Peace in your marriage was more important than you having to be right.

How many times did you do things you didn’t really want to do but you did them to please your spouse?

How many times did you have to say no to your family and/or friends because you recognized that your spouse came first?

How many times did you have to curve how you speak to make sure your communication remained open and without judgement?

These are efforts, achievements that are worthy of celebrating and should not be taken lightly. Taking time out to show your spouse your appreciation for being committed to ONENESS can be the most gratifying celebration of your year.


A RelationTip from Pillow Taught

Come together and pick a day to celebrate ONENESS. On that day of celebration, write down the things you believe your spouse has done to make you guys one. Honor their efforts with your words, your actions and if you have agreed a gift. Share an idea on what you can do or improve to continue to connect with them as one.



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