Bling Slippers

Hi There, welcome to Invecom

Let’s introduce you to our new bling slippers, I wish I could share a lot of information about them but we are in the process of looking for a manufacturing company and working on our design patent. A slipper is hard to patent because everyone makes slippers, but the beautiful part about our is that we use special materials to make our. We will have more information about our slippers soon.

One thing I can share is that they have been tested for over 6 months, but they are meant for special occasions. After testing the comfort of our slippers, it is amazing that even after 6 months our shoes have maintained their comfort.

We are excited about our bling slippers and ask that you help us with our inventions by donating or purchasing from our store. All proceeds goes towards our inventions. We ask that you consider shopping with a purpose and shopping in our Amazon affiliate store, or purchase our eBook or simply donate. No matter how large or small your donation, you will be partnering to invent the future.

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