Did You Know That

popping bubble wrap could lead to a moment of laughter, fun and take you back to a childhood memory. Every bubble in the wrap is air in the pockets. The minute you pull the wrap out, you are tempted to pop the air-filled bubbles. It is almost irresistible to not want to hear that popping sound. Well would you believe that use of bubble wrap was invented by accident. Al Fielding, an engineer and his partner Marc Chavannes, inventor was attempting to create a textured wallpaper. They decided to seal two shower curtains together to trap air bubbles.  They actually put two plastic shower curtain through a heat-sealing machine but were initially disappointed. It turned out to be a sheet of film with trapped air bubbles. Today their accidental invention is used by millions for shipping.

To continue reading about bubble wrap click here: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/accidental-invention-bubble-wrap-180971325/

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