Comfy Bear

Welcome to the world of Comfy Bear.

Colette Butler, Inventor of Comfy Bear. Comfy Bear is a plastic polar bear (called the memory bank) with a stuff animal polar bear inside.

Comfy Bear is being created for 2 reasons

  1. For families expecting or have a baby. It is meant to be heritage treasure to pass down from one generation to another. The stuff polar bear is name after your child and comes with a life certificate. Comfy Bear comes with comfy cards that you will write your baby’s life journey on and place them in the plastic bear called the memory bank. Write on the comfy card when your child took their first steps, when they got potty trained, when they started school, etc. Place all these beautiful memories in memory bank, then when your child becomes of age, give it to them and they can pass it on to there children.
  2. Comfy Bear is also created for loved ones that have passed. Name the stuff bear after your loved one and complete the life certificate. Then take the plastic bear (the memory bank) to the funeral and pass out the comfy cards to everyone at the funeral. Allow the attendees to write down memories of your loved one and place in the memory bank. Then take the memory bank home and read all the wonderful memories of your loved one. Then pass it down to the next generation so that they can get to know your loved one as well.

As we are so excited to be at the stage of manufacturing Comfy Bear, we ask for your contribution. We have designed, patented, created 2 3D CAD designs and we are now at the manufacturing stage. We have partnered with Spectrum in Tampa to manufacture the plastic bear and are currently negotiating with a manufacture for the bear.

Contributing is easy :), just go to our shop and find various ways that you can make a difference.  It is not the size of the contribution, it is the size of your heart. We appreciate your time, consideration and your contributions.

Thank you,


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