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money was not given, collected, received or donated in the church doing bible times. Money was and is currently an investment tool, a medium of exchange, yet when a Christian borrows money from us, we are not suppose to charge them interest.

The bible plainly teaches us how to use money and how to give. It teaches us that we are to give in secret and that the Lord will reward us openly. Today people are always showing how they give to the homeless, give gifts to others, etc. for views but they have their reward. But it is those that give in secret that GOD rewards in front of everyone.

The bible also teaches that it is more blessed to give than to receive. This given was given at certain times in the bible but it was never collected in a church the way they do today. There was in fact a separate room called a treasury where the people would take their money. The money that Givers gave was meant to build up the Kingdom of God. The tithes that was given was put into the treasury as well and was meant for the orphans, widows, the workers of the kingdom and the poor.

Today’s church is not in alignment with the bible yet no one wants to correct their mistakes. I guess the bottom line is can you still be a giver and not give in the church. ABSOLUTELY!!! Find someone poor, give to the Department of Children and Family Services or find seniors, veterans, widows, etc to give to. And lastly, don’t forget, it is better to give than to receive.




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