Home is the one place that your creativity, your imagination, your try and fail is not being judge. My greatest avenue to be me was right at home. I didn’t have to travel to another country or go to the sea shores nor move to a remote location, I found my imagination in the safety of my home. My home came me space to create. It provided me with the comfort to try and fail and to try and fail again. It presented me with gifts of life and laughter from my children. Home is the perfect place and where my heart is to invent.

I have several inventing and I’m the type of person that wants what I want quickly. Inventing has truly slowed me down to the point where I am grateful for where I am and where I am going. I thank GOD for being GOD and I thank my family for being my family. GOD and my family have been so amazing to me. The support is unending and the love is undeniable.

If you have an invention, or have imagine a different life for yourself, don’t stop trying. Move forward, move forward, move forward. Slow and steady can definitely win the race.





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