Time was not invented for the earth. The earth was invented doing a certain finite of time. There is a time for everything under the sun and time has a limitation, we just don’t know when time is up. There is a time to live on earth, a time to die, a time to laugh, a time to cry. There is a time for you to get up and go to work, a time to go to sleep, a time to entertain or be entertained. Time is unavoidable on this earth but the only thing that doesn’t bow down to time and it’s restrictions is YOU.

Therefore in creating Invecom, we had to get out of our box and think differently. We had to take the limits off our minds and allow the ideas to flow. As we allow our ideas to flow, we have unlocked potential that we didn’t know we had. We are no longer operating on a time constraint but operating knowing time is finite but our potential is limitless.

You too have potential becoming who you dreamed of becoming. Don’t let time finite measures to measure you up to being nothing. You are a infinite being, a spiritual being, it’s time to unlock your potential with your dreams, visions, goals, aspirations. Don’t worry about time, worry about nothing, you can do what you dream of doing. Learn to love, become a giver and flow freely, always ask questions. What you dream of, the ideas you have are in you and you must be the one to unlock the door and walk through it.

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