Mackinac Island, Michigan is an amazing place. Cars were banned on the island because they scared the horses. This wonderfully magical place main mode of transportation is horse and carriage. The island has the Michigan Grand Hotel and this hotel’s porch spans 660 feet, which has been recorded as the largest porch on earth. While you and you love is visiting this beautiful place, taking in it’s clean air why not schedule a scavenger hunt.

Our very unique, immersive adventures are the only ones of their kind. We, unlike other companies, provide your very own remote, interactive, live host to assist and encourage you along through your phone. We are an Austin, TX-based global custom event design company offering scavenger hunts and other events in 300+ cities in North America and beyond. Our specially hand-crafted adventures are equal parts tour, creative challenge, detective hunt, and social experiment! Guests get to discover in an alternate reality our favorite hidden gems off the beaten trail and creatively interpret fun art, history, and culture clues – for points! They get to enjoy fame and glory while appearing on our website’s international leaderboard, no matter what their score. They get to essentially race other teams in other cities, even if they don’t have competitors who have signed up in their city that day. Get ready to discover unusual oddities, laugh out loud, and make the experience your own!

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