Overview See the sights of Milwaukee while learning facts about the city on an entertaining and interactive scavenger hunt. This app-based game will lead you through the city, challenging you with trivia questions and tasks as you pursue the items on your list. This is a fun group activity for team building, parties, or anyone looking for a playful and memorable way to get to know Milwaukee. Explore Milwaukee on a scavenger hunt Visit landmarks including the Milwaukee Art Museum and City Hall Learn facts about the city and test your knowledge A fun activity for players of any age

Read more about Milwaukee Scavenger Hunt: A Splash of Color – https://www.viator.com/tours/Milwaukee/Wacky-Lets-Roam-Milwaukee-Scavenger-Hunt-A-Splash-of-Color/d22412-104204P105?pid=P00136635&mcid=42383&medium=link&medium_version=selector

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