Pillow Taught

Hello! I am a new invention called Pillow Taught, the first ever teaching pillow. Pillow Taught, teaching relationship artistry.

WHAT IS RELATIONSHIP ARTISTRY? Artistry is a creative skill and/or ability. Pillow taught is teaching how to use creative skills/abilities in your relationship. It is not a competition but a partnership. It is about creating time in your relationship to be creative. To create quality time, to enhance their ability to communicate and exchange creativity. It also can teach each couple how to rekindle their passion for each other as they nurture each other. Relationship artistry is using Pillow Taught’s creative ideas in your relationship to help you with your creative abilities. 

Pillow Taught, teaching relationship artistry



I speak to your desires, wishes, and your need to have a little more fun in your relationship. We are are relationship enhancing pillow that teaches, “How To.” How to create new memories, have fun, romance, add intimacy back, and much more.

With “Pillow Taught” in your life you maybe able to put that fire back into your relationship. Imagine laughing with each other, learning new ways to kiss, new sexual positions or just new ways to have fun. 

Pillow Taught is centered around your happiness and you deserve HAPPY. Put the fun, laughter, joy, jokes, dancing, romancing, cuddling and even huddling into your relationship.

Each pillow comes with 30 love cards (additional loves cards to add to your pillow can be purchased separately). Each card has been created by Colette Butler, our Power Practitioner and has been copyrighted. Colette was married for 19 years and with her spouse for 21 years before he passed away. She learned so much about marriage, relationships and love that her heart’s desire is to share with you their power. 

We currently have 15 inch faux fur white pillows and red soft fleece pillows. They are cuddly enough to cuddle with while laying in bed. The most exciting part is that you can pull out of the pillow a different card each night, follow the card’s instructions, enjoy your evening and wake with a smile. 

Pillow Taught is spreading HAPPINESS to couples everywhere and you deserve HAPPY.