Pillow Taught


Hello! I am a new invention called Pillow Taught, the first ever Edutainment Gift Box created by Invecom. Pillow Taught Edutainment Gift Box teaching relationship artistry.

WHAT IS RELATIONSHIP ARTISTRY? Relationship Artistry is using creative skills and/or abilities to enhance your relationship. Pillow Taught is relationship artistry. It is a gift box filled with games, ideas, exercises, etc. to teach couples how to use their creative skills/abilities in their relationship. It is not a competition, nor asking a bunch of questions, it’s educational and entertaining.  It is about creating time in your relationship to be creative, to connect as one and to enjoy each other’s presence. To create quality time, to enhance their ability to communicate and exchange ideas as well . It also assist couples in rekindling their passion, love and commitment for each other. Relationship artistry is using Pillow Taught’s creative ideas in your relationship to help you with your own creative abilities. 

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Pillow Taught Edutainment Gift Box

speaks to your desires, wishes, and your need to have a little more fun in your relationship. We are are relationship enhancing pillow gift box that teaches, “How To.” How to create new memories, have fun, romance, add intimacy back, and much more.

Adding “Pillow Taught” to your relationship, is like adding excitement, newness, possibilities and fire. Imagine laughing again with each other, learning new ways to create excitement, teaching each other how to enjoy loving again.

Pillow Taught is centered around couples happiness because they deserve HAPPY. Time to put the fun, laughter, joy, jokes, dancing, romancing, cuddling and even huddling back into your relationship.

Each gift box comes with a heart shaped plush pillow, 40 love cards, massage oil, a note pad and pencil, a treasure hunt, 2 heart shaped candles and a pair of dice. Each pillow is about 6 X 6 inches and is made of faux fur. We also provide you with wonderful travel deals for couples. Pillow Taught, it’s get no better than this.

Pillow Taught Edutainment Gift Box is already spreading HAPPINESS to couples everywhere and you deserve HAPPY.

Because You Deserve Happy

Adults Only

Every game/activity was created by Colette Butler



Pillow Taught now has a couple’s journal to compliment your relationship. Couples can bring their various passions to life, share their desires and find out how they are so unique together with the help of our Pillow Taught journal.
You can purchase our journal through our website or via Shopify.


Pillow Taught want to assist you and your part in finding wonderful couple’s activities/events 

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