From rice to roll to romance – start your date night off with learning how to cook sushi. Enjoy each other’s company with this culinary experience and then finish date night out with feeding each other your very own creation. This is a wonderful event for couples

During this sushi-making class, you’re not just embarking on a culinary experience; you’re diving deep into the authentic art of sushi creation. What truly sets this class apart is its hands-on approach, ensuring you not only learn but also practice the intricate techniques of sushi-making firsthand. From mastering knife skills essential for precise slicing to achieving the perfect rice consistency, every detail will be meticulously covered. You won’t be making just any sushi rolls; you will be crafting a traditional California roll with surimi and avocado, as well as a vibrant veggie roll featuring a mix of mango and cucumber. What makes this class so special is that it is designed not just for learning but also for meeting new friends and enjoying a good time. No worries if you’re a beginner; no prior experience is required!

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