About Invecom



What is Invecom? Invecom is a group of individuals that believes dreams and ideas do come true. We are a community of believers. Believers that places ideas, dreams and vision over it can’t be done. We are a new business model that’s illuminating new inventions. Our mission is to help comfort, encourage and support inventors to move to completion. WE love new ideas and are partnering with individuals like yourself to help raise funding for new inventions. Our goal is your goal and your goal is there goal and there goal is our goal. We are the success story that many inventors are seeking to get their invention manufactured.



Far too long great ideas have become nothing but great ideas. When a great idea gets no traction, no acknowledgement, no funding, no marketing, the idea dies and so does apart of that inventor. There are so many inventors that never get the opportunity to invent for the future.

We recognize that we cannot do it all so we are constantly looking for avenues to increase our income so that we can affect various outcomes.

Have you ever has an idea, a new invention in your heart and you and your family knew it was a wonderful idea. You were convinced that you had the next great invention but no funding to help launch your invention. Well, that’s what Invecom is all about. We are striving to see some new inventions launched because people like you understood the importance of moving the future forward.

We at Invecom is committed to seeing our inventions and others come to pass through perseverance, dedication, focusing, determination and partnering. We know that funding is a major challenge for inventors, therefore we are creating multiple avenues to raise money. We are utilizing affiliated marketing, gofundme campaigns, a line of ebooks, committed to growing our YouTube channel, fundraisers, and various other fiscal avenues.

We ask that you shop at our Inve-store as all proceeds goes toward a new invention. We ask that you purchase our new eBook as all proceeds goes towards a new invention. We ask that you subscribe to our new YouTube page as we need at least 1,000 to be able to participate in any benefits YouTube offers. We ask that you consider donating to our gofundme campaign, we have almost reached our goal.

Invecom is a great company to partner with. Have you ever thought about shopping with a purpose. In our Inve-store, you receive the same benefits and pricing that you have always enjoyed from Amazon, the only difference is we receive a commission to help inventors. You are not just helping Invecom’s inventions to come to life, but you’ll be helping future inventors that need assistance. Imagine your purchases, your money being put to greater use and helping others.

Invecom is inventing the future for generations to come and we ask that you partner with us to invent the future. We look forward to you partnering with us and sharing you ideas. Who knows, you maybe the next new inventor.